Besides the JimNODE sensors, JimFIT developed software for the JimNODE sensors for different applications.

JimFIT also focuses on delivering custom made IMU solutions, within both hardware and software development.

JimNODE wireless sensors

The JimNODE sensors are designed to be durable and have a high-quality. A long lasting battery, bluetooth-enabled hardware and easy to use interface are all part of the package. The hardware is designed in cooperation with engineers and designers in Eindhoven and Enschede, the Netherlands.


6 (lower body)

7 (upper body)

13 (full body)


40mm * 28mm * 18mm


6,5 hours

One battery for every sensor

Charging in 50 minutes

Data stream

BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Range 15m (indoor) and 70m (outdoor)



Data sample rate

Up to 1000 Hz


±2000 °/sec Full Scale Range

N/A LSB/°/sec Sensitivity

0.01 dps/√Hz Rate Noise


+16 g Full Scale Range

±4800 LSB/g Sensitivity


±4800µT Full Scale Range

JimTECH for physiotherapy

JimTECH for physiotherapy is a software package which allows physiotherapy and rehabilitation patiënts to rehabilitate faster, better and easier. Therapists can assign exercises to their patients from the JimTECH dashboard. The patiënt performs the exercises at home and gets real-time feedback from the data output of the JimNODE sensors. Feedback about posture, speed and performance are displayed on the JimTECH patient app.

Real-time feedback during exercises

JimTECH is a real revolution within the physiotherapy. The real-time feedback allow the patients to perform their exercises better with less pain and more accuracy. Also, the smart app with self-learning algorithms recognises when a patient has an aberrant pattern within his daily exercise performance. The homework schedule then can be changed automatically or on remote by the therapist.

JimNODE Studio

Our JimNODE Studio software offers great possibilities to analyse human motion. Live-stream, record and upload motion data on any bluetooth-enabled device. JimNODE Studio is available via a web-portal or the iOs or Android app.

Great development options

Our JimNODE developer sensors come with an extensive API. Developers which have experience C or web-languages like PHP, and JavaScript can work with our API.

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